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35’s Our New Favorite Number


Kevin Durant’s number.

The atomic number of bromine – a halogen necessary for tissue development.

In seconds, how long an NCAA men’s basketball team has to attempt a shot.

The highest number you can count to using your fingers and a bizarre technique called base six.

The number of years that Paul McGuinness – U2’s manager – stayed with the band.

Today, 35 becomes synonymous with another major milestone: Majestic’s 35th birthday.

Majestic, started in 1979 by Dennis Leebow, has gone through its fair share of ups-and-downs throughout the decades, but 35 signifies that something great is about to happen.

35 is halfway through our 30s, so we’re a bit more mature, calculated and above all, ready to make moves.

35 has seen industry hey-days and devastating crashes, born witness to the decline of manufacturing and the rise of globalization.

And now, on this year and all those that come after it, 35 is shouting from the rafters that it’s ready to break out. Ready to help steel reclaim its rightful place in the mind of Americans. And to prove that steel is here to stay, for 35 more years, for 350 more years. Forever.

Above all, 35 is most proud of our associates – the lifeblood of our organization. Without them, we never would have made it to 10, 15, 25 or 35.

Thank you, and happy birthday.

The above pictures are from our end of the summer birthday party, complete with watermelon eating contests, kabobs and cornhole. 

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