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A Look Inside the Blacksmith’s Studio

This post is part of our Weekend Notes series. Take a breather to get inspired by the power of steel and enjoy your weekend. 

“For me it’s a very satisfying feeling to look down and see your hands black and your clothes just covered in dirt.” – Ray

Many people think of a blacksmith only when they picture the old streets of Colonial Williamsburg – towns created as homage to a time gone by. But Ray Mathis of Tutto Metal Design defies the notion that blacksmiths are simply ghosts of the past.

In his studio in Doylestown, PA, Ray forges as he describes in the video, “all types of metal.” From his start as a farrier, he learned about how metal moves beyond forming a horseshoe and set out to start creating works of art. In this piece, Skynine Cinema follows Ray for a day in his workshop in a beautifully shot, brilliantly edited mini-masterpiece.

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