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Transform Your Office Furniture into Aviation Heaven

This post is part of our Weekend Notes series. Take a breather to get inspired by the power of steel and enjoy your weekend.

Ever wondered what the office equivalent of a race car bed is?

Enter MotoArt. This California design firm makes functional art out of airplane parts using commercial and military frames, wings and rudders to craft unique pieces. From barstools made out of ejection seats to benches made from old fuselages, their creativity and respect for aviation history is readily apparent in their work.

What’s especially interesting is how many of their pieces serve as functional office furniture. Imagine a desk made out of a rudder or a conference table made out of a biplane. Moto Art’s time-consuming process uses added Plexiglass, wood and metal to ensure sturdiness and to protect the original part, so don’t fret about spilling your cup of coffee onto a piece of aviation history.

MotoArt’s customizable designs will appeal to both aviation aficionados and the layman alike. Oh, and they make bed frames, if you wanna be that guy well into your forties.

Recharge Your Bourbon with Steel