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“World’s Tallest Symbol of Freedom” Flies in Wisconsin

In the corporate art game of mine’s bigger and better than yours, we’re happy to announce that Acuity Insurance is now leading the pack with their recently commissioned 400-foot flagpole.

Standing proud in front their headquarters in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, the tallest flagpole in North America weighs a whopping 420,000 pounds – 350,000 of which is steel – and supports a 60×120 foot flag.

Well, two flags, actually: in order to compensate for Wisconsin’s extreme winter temperatures, Acuity flies a 220-pound flag during the summer and a thicker 350-pound flag during the winter. The pole is also designed to hold up against low temperatures, while three pendulum-style tuned mass dampers resist high velocity winds, as well as vibrations from the nearby interstate.

The patio of the flagpole has been turned into a memorial for local active duty military killed in action. Acuity managed to pull off the tallest flagpole and a fitting tribute to fallen soldiers right in its front yard, eschewing competition for a genuine display of respect for those who’ve lost their lives in our honor.

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